Ignition Suppression Circuiting Technology


ISCT LLC is a New Orleans based start-up venture specializing in the research and development of innovative fire protection technology for power distribution components - power cables, junction boxes, circuit breaker panels, etc. The ISCT fire protection technology is designed to prevent electric fires from spreading throughout residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities in order to help minimize the risk of property damage and loss of life caused by electrical fires.

Based on recent internal laboratory testing, the ISCT technology demonstrated unique fire protection capabilities for preventing the spread of electrical fires. When the ISCT components are connected as a system, the electrical power distribution network has built-in fire protection capabilities from the beginning of the circuit all the way to the last device, on a circuit-by-circuit basis. With a broad range of public and private applications, the ISCT fire protection technology is focused on safety first.

Business Opportunities

Equity investors are sought as ISCT continues to expand in to developing direct licensing agreements and industry collaboration. If you have a product with an electrical component, a fire risk exist. Please contact us so we can assist your product development and risk management teams make your products safer utilizing our technology.


Fluid conduit and electrical wiring is installed concurrently as a single cable and charged from a centralised circuit breaker bus and fluid source.
Ignition suppressant is self activated at origin of overheated electrical wiring.
Alerts the user of a fire or an overheated circuit even where hidden by walls or conduits with the concurrent automatic release of fire suppressant.
Local fire suppression extinguishes fires in any electric circuit between junctions and are sensed and cut electrical power to that circuit.


One of the major problems with electrical fires is getting the fire extinguishing chemical agent to the electrical short to snuff the fire out. The ISCT system delivers inert gas directly to the fire site.


ISCT is in product development. The system has progressed through idea generation and screening, concept development, and analysis. ISCT has patent applications pending in the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Emirates.

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For additional information about ISCT and our integrated power distribution and fire system, developing markets, and business opportunities, please feel free to learn more about our vision for fire protection systems worldwide.

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